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How to?

Our i-Player system is a cutting edge video technology that has been researched and developed over the last few years by our IT team specialized in video technology.

Automated system

Once customized and installed on your field(s) the i-Player system will tape your games and post them on your site without necessitating any human intervention.
Schedule your games, tournaments or practice sessions and they will automatically be put online on the i-Player cloud for you and your members to view.


Once the video appears on the i-Player cloud your members can view the videos on your site through a user account linked to your club. This also allows you to communicate with your members to announce games, events or other announcements.
Furthermore, your sponsors are given additional visibility as well as the ability to communicate special promotions or sales to all your members. You are in charge of all administrative decisions and can enable your partners to manage their advertising.

Implementation and management of the service

  • Our team of specialists will install the cameras and set up your online service.
  • Programming, video storage and online service will be managed by our i-Players team.
  • SAV and maintenance: hotline, remote control of the proper functioning of the system